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A prominent feature in many UK homes, bay windows are well established. If your home has a bay, you can now make the most of it.

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  • Improve insulation

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Bay window shutters give you more room, to do the things you love

Bay windows are designed to catch the sunlight, and window shutters let you make the most of that light, throughout the day.

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There is nothing quite like the beauty of bay window shutters.

Bay window shutters will follow the natural lines of your window, leaving your bay looking even more incredible, giving you a usable space in the recess.

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Shutters on bay windows – frequently asked questions

Can bay shutters be fitted to UPVC windows?

It is rare that shutters are fitted to the windows themselves, whether wood, uPVC or aluminium, but there are a number of options that you may wish to consider.

As every window is different, it would depend on the recess surrounding the window as to the different options you would have.

Shutter installation can be carried out both inside and outside a window recess, but it will depend on the bay itself as to which possibilities are open to you.

How do you measure a bay window for shutters?

Knowing how best to measure for shutters is often a tricky skill to master.

As well as measuring the width and height, remembering tolerances, getting the angles right, and understanding how shutters will sit comes in to play when measuring a bay window.

Without training and practice, this can be incredibly tricky, and could result in you getting shutters that do not fit your space, leaving you out of pocket.

To save the time and money potentially wasted doing it yourself, we would recommend our survey and fit service, which will give you the best solution for your home every time.

Shuttercraft experts have received extensive training on bay windows, providing them with the knowledge required for trickier shaped openings such as bays.

How long do bay window shutters last?

Window shutters are relatively low maintenance so, if they are looked after they can serve you well for over ten years and more.

The length of time that your shutters will last will also depend on factors such as surrounding environment, volume of usage, and material used in the manufacturing process.

Our robust and hard-wearing ranges are designed for durability, but not indestructible.

Use them with care, keep them well maintained, and you can enjoy the light provided by your shutters for years to come.

How do you dress a big bay window?

All our shutters are made-to-measure, so there are many frame styles to consider which can complement the bay window shutter.

Alongside a broad range of materials, there are also numerous colours, optional extras and installation methods which means that your choices are almost endless.

The size of bay is also no issue, as our products are made just for you, so you won’t have to worry about them fitting – even in the biggest of bays.

What are bay window shutters used for?

Primarily, the reason to have shutters fitted to a bay window is to maximise the light levels in your living space.

However, there are also many other benefits such as providing privacy, increasing kerb appeal and adding a degree of insulation, keeping the home cool in warmer months, or warmer when it feels colder outside.

The added benefit of bay window shutters over other solutions (such as curtains) is that they do not need a track or rail, keeping the action smooth, and the operation easy.

How much are shutters for a bay window?

As all shapes and sizes of bays are different, it is important to have exact measurements taken so that the cost will be exact too.

Although we can provide approximate costs based on rough measurements and a picture, the best way to know how much it would cost for bay window shutters would be to book a FREE survey with Shuttercraft today to get a detailed technical survey so we can give you an accurate and competitive quote.

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