Café style shutters from Shuttercraft:

  • Privacy at eye level

  • Control natural light

  • More space for window features

  • Great in bay windows

Bring a little French chic into your home with this beautiful style of shutter. If your home is at pavement level, then you’ll want to stop people looking into your rooms as they walk past.

Café style shutters only cover the bottom part of a window, making the most of the light while preventing people from peering in.

We know that home reflects your unique sense of style, which is why Shuttercraft is trusted by people all over the UK. We work with you to fulfill your design ideas, and offer a wide choice of materials and colours for our café shutters.

Businesses also enjoy the benefits of café style shutters. Popular in offices and waiting rooms, they allow their staff and customer to work or wait without being overlooked.

Accentuate your windows with Café style shutters

Popular in European restaurants, café style provides privacy at eye level. This makes them ideal if your home is right next to a pavement or busy road. Not only that, they also create fabulous kerbside appeal.

Great for street facing kitchens and living rooms, café shutters let you carry out daily tasks or kick back and relax in total privacy.

If you have a home from the Victorian era, you will want to keep that sense of elegance in your windows. We recommend café style shutters for bay windows from this era although they also look fantastic in more contemporary properties.

We know you want to enjoy your home’s features, so if you’re looking to show off decorative glass, then café style shutters are just the thing.

Complement your décor

If you want to keep your existing curtains and blinds, but want to have more privacy during the day, then look no further than café style shutters. You can leave the panels closed throughout the day, enjoying pure sunlight through the top of the window. In the evening, you can close your curtains or blinds as before, letting you enjoy the things you love throughout the day, without being watched by passers-by.

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