The Shutter & Shade range from Shuttercraft:

  • Superior light reduction

  • Perfect for home cinemas

  • Great for shift workers

  • Ideal for nurseries

Finding it difficult to get to sleep? Even the smallest light levels can keep you awake at night, and especially during the day, which is why you’ll love the idea of the Shutter & Shade range.

Perfect for use in bedrooms, nurseries and for creating home cinema experiences, you’ll enjoy this unique integration of a premium shutter with integrated blind. A stylish solution with practical benefits, Shutter & Shade is ideal for shift workers and parents of children who need to sleep during the day.

Many ‘blackout blinds’ on the market allow small amounts of light to filter in, but the mix of Shutter & Shade eliminates virtually all brightness. Shuttercraft can help you choose plantation shutters to match your room style, and a built-in blind can provide the darkening effect.

If you or your loved one has trouble sleeping at any time because of excess light, then the room darkening Shutter & Shade is just for you. Even if you’re just trying to enjoy your favourite films or sports on TV, and avoid the sun’s glare in the summer, then look no further!

Made to the highest quality, honeycomb pleated blinds are fitted directly into a shutter frame, so they do not flap or snag. This channel helps create a seal, stopping the vast majority of light from getting through, ensuring you’ll be happy with the quality for years to come.

Created with your home in mind

Shutter & Shade is great if you need a bit of added darkness in your home during the day. Rather than some blinds and curtains, which aren’t designed to fit your windows, you’ll enjoy the immaculate finish that the Shutter & Shade provides.

At Shuttercraft, we help you settle on the colours and styles to complement your interiors. You’ll love the sleek modern lines of plantation shutters, which can be left open throughout the day. Each one custom crafted, made-to-measure shutters provide an elegant finish for your windows, while the attached room darkening blind provides a number of practical benefits.

When closed, the Shutter & Shade range offers fantastic insulation against heat loss as well as shielding the inside of your home from the outside world. Blinds installed in shutters are easy to maintain, and provide superior light reduction, designed with the modern home in mind.

Almost no light leaking into your rooms from outside

At Shuttercraft, we don’t offer standard sizes, as we want our customers to be happy with the product quality as well as the service they receive. Both shutter and room darkening shade are made-to-measure to fit your windows perfectly, limiting the amount of light bleed that could occur as a result of mis-measuring.

There are a number of colours on offer for the integrated blinds, as well as a colour match option for the shutters beyond over 50 shades of paint and wood stain. We want you to achieve the best look possible look for your interiors, hence why we work so closely with you during the buying process.

We don’t favour the use of pushy sales techniques, or pressure to buy, allowing you to go at your own pace and make your own design choices. We make you aware of the options for your windows, and then let you make the decisions.

Speak to your friendly local Shuttercraft today and discover how an integrated Shutter & Shade could benefit the levels of sleep you can achieve.

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